TrustBridge seeks to improve India’s business environment by improving the rule of law.

Entrepreneurs in India often see the law as an obstacle to fulfilling their aspirations. While aiming for fairness, laws and regulations can create unnecessary friction. Some lack clarity, making their implementation challenging and inconsistent. Some are needlessly burdensome, which disincentivises businesses from achieving scale. Some can be skeptical of and needlessly harsh on businesses, often failing to follow due process when dealing with regulated entities. Some might be unknown and inaccessible. These points of friction discourage innovators and entrepreneurs from taking on the risk required to advance ideas and grow. Friction and uncertainty lead to non-compliance resulting in a trust deficit between law and business. 

A thoughtful rule of law framework for the economy is key to accelerating growth and deploying the entrepreneurial spirit of millions of Indians.

At TrustBridge, we seek to improve India’s business environment by improving the rule of law. We hope to improve the performance and behaviour of the State and its institutions, as well as private market participants, in a manner that aligns with the wider economic goals of the country.

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TrustBridge was founded by Akshay Jaitly and Karan Singh who built one of the most respected first-generation law-firms in the country. With over 25 years of practice, they now seek to leverage their skills, experience and network towards improving the rule of law for business in India.

Akshay Jaitly
Co- Founder

Akshay Jaitly is one of the founders of Trilegal, one of India’s leading law firms and has spent almost 30 years advising on energy and infrastructure projects. His research interests include power sector reform, the energy transition and public-private contracting.

Karan Singh
Co- Founder

Karan Singh has a background in corporate commercial law and has been in practice for close to thirty years. He is one of the founders of Trilegal which is one of the leading law firms in India. He then co-founded TrustBridge together with Akshay Jaitly.  Karan also serves on the board of other non-profit agencies.

Renuka Sane
Research Director

Renuka Sane is Research Director at TrustBridge. Her research interests lie in financial markets regulation, the regulatory state, credit and bankruptcy, pensions, and household finance. She was a member of the Task Force of Experts set up by the Employees Provident Fund Organisation to study its pension scheme; of the research team of the Bankruptcy Legislative Reforms Commission on individual insolvency; of the Pension Advisory Committee of the Pension Fund Regulatory Development Authority and the Working Group on personal insolvency at the Insolvency and Bankruptcy Board of India. She has a PhD in Economics from the University of New South Wales and holds an M.A. in Economics from Mumbai University.

Anjali Sharma
Research Director

Anjali Sharma is Research Director at TrustBridge. She has nearly two decades of experience, split evenly across corporate finance and business strategy roles in companies such as TATA Communications, Tata Capital and NeSL, and as a public policy researcher at the Finance Research Group at IGIDR.  She is a graduate in Economics and has a MBA in Finance. Her research interests lie in banking and financial sector policy, firm financing choices, and corporate bankruptcy. 



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